Sea Glass Place Cards

Sea glass can be a simple joy to find and a treasure to keep... but, it is even better when a custom piece is set at a fabulous table waiting for you at an exquisite party! With never ending details you can't go wrong with this place card project.


Everlasting Cacti

These little crafty cacti will brighten any tabletop or sad corner. The best part is these ones will do fine wherever they are planted!


Upholstered Headboard

Stately and sleek. If you have ever priced buying an upholstered headboard you know they can get a bit pricey. So why not save yourself a couple hundred clams and make your own. In this tutorial the same fabric was used for both the bedroom drapes as well as the headboard to create a custom look. Include a few more embellishments, like tufted buttons and a nail head trim detail, makes this headboard look like it came from the pages of Architectural Digest.


Fringe Tassels and Paper Twists

 Festive and fun! This tissue paper tassel garland will brighten up any shindig! A perfect way to get a group of friends together for a pre-party diy night of cut and fold. Just mix in some cocktails, story swapping, and you've got yourself a good ol' crafty gathering!


Animalia Bookends


Add a bit of whimsy to the library or children's room with these easy to make animal bookends.  All you need is a base, some plastic animals, a couple dabs of glue, and your current favorite color of paint!